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Oregon Marketing Pros LLC serves the Northwest with Marketing Consulting, Planning, Research, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Crowd Sourcing, and Printed Media.  We are located in the mountains of the “Silicon Orchard,” near Medford / Ashland in the beautiful Rogue Valley of the Southern Oregon Region.  We have operated as marketing and technical consultants since 1996, when the Internet was new.  We serve many businesses and non-profits in the Pacific Northwest, and generally work by referral only.  Visitors are welcome to contact us with questions about what we do, for estimates, references, examples and other interest.  Thank you for visiting!

Ryan & Kerri Mallory

Ryan & Kerri Mallory

Owners, Consultants, Developers

Thanks for visiting!  We’ve worked in the communications and Internet & Communications industry for over 20 years, serving thousands of clients with a wide scope of needs and projects.  We harness the strength several decades of business research, planning, design, strategy, development, programming, social media and advertising experience on our team to give our clients results!  Our efforts focus on businesses and non-profit organizations in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest with a desire for technical, presentation, analytical, and planning excellence.

We work by referral only, so if you made it to this site, you likely met one of our team or a mutual acquaintance told you about us.  We treat our clients like family.  Reach out to us by phone / text or email to discuss the NEXT PHASE of your business marketing.

Scanner Group | Jackson & Josephine County

LOCAL:  We operate Southern Oregon Facebook Groups with over 100,000 viewers, with millions of viewers per year. They are organized in the menu at  Ask us about leveraging Facebook Groups, Social Media and Crowd Sourcing as part of your business’s marketing plan.

OREGON: We operate advertising sites statewide and Facebook Groups that serve not only the state, but also the State of Jefferson. We have operated marketing and technical operations for political campaigns and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Check out and

NATIONWIDE:  Our nationwide crowd sourced social media campaigns and websites get seen, increase Search Engine Optimization health and help new and experienced businesses GROW!  Our expert research team can help you crowd source your brand and work to increase brand awareness, credibility, leads and sales.

Website and Social Networking Consulting in Southern Oregon

NON-PROFITS:  We serve over 200 business.  It’s our mission to provide free and discounted services to non-profits.  We help organizations that help reduce despair in region where we live and work.  We mentor young people through conversation, business and charity efforts.  Approximately 25% of our resources are given to our community.  From children to seniors and mental health to community events, we have our community’s back!  We believe participation in our community by all people builds happy, effective citizens and families.

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